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TeachWithMovies.org is honored to be a Six-Pillars Partner of Character Counts, the national leader in character education for children. The authors of this site are Certified Character Counts trainers and each Learning Guide contains a Moral-Ethical Emphasis section applying the Character Counts approach to ethics education.




“I have found your site’s lesson plans and background information very useful, and have recommended it to my faculty. … I like the lesson plans with numerous links to pertinent websites. I also think the feature in which you point out possible problems is good in that it warns teachers of factors that may upset parents, but which the teachers may not have foreseen for themselves.”

Jean Power (e-mail)

“I want you to know how delighted we were when we looked at your website this year and found out that you had added the Character Counts to your lesson plans. Our school has decided to use this for our character builder this year and your additions will make it wonderfully easy to tie our films in with the required lesson plans. All three of our music teachers use “The Music Man,” “The King and I,” “Fiddler On The Roof,” and all of the Composers Series during the school year. … I told everyone in the teacher’s computer training about your site. I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as we do.”

Patsy Elliott, Aikin Elementary, Paris, TX (e-mail)

“Today I struck gold!! I found your website!! I teach language arts in an adult education program that is pretty much an alternative to alternative ed. Most of my students are between the ages of 16 and 19 and have not been successful in traditional or alternative classrooms. Many are court ordered to be in our program. My budget is pretty much nonexistent and I supply most of the materials and movies that I use.

My students are not readers, so I find that the use of movies is a very important tool to help them better understand the society we live in and their role in it. I teach all day and two nights a week and the time required to put together a lesson plan for each movie is very limited. I feel that I can do so much more now that I have found your wonderful materials ….”

Laurie Ann Kirby (e-mail)

“Super site! I’m developing and teaching a web-based History class through the University of North Texas and found your site tremendously helpful…. It’s been a great resource for me.”

Dr. Matt Pearcy, University of North Texas (e-mails)


“The most useful feature: 1) Organization; 2) Breakdown into several categories, each clearly identified; 3) Ability to access based on age, topic, etc.; 4) Ability to quickly find movies; 5) Excellent description of each movie provides opportunity to make an informed decision about whether movie is desirable or suitable for intended purpose 6) Wonderful suggestion to make movie-viewing a learning opportunity, complete with suggested topics of discussion and sometimes related web links.”

Linda Hearsch (e-mail)

“After having seen the film “Michael Collins” on my computer I searched the Web for further information and found your home page. I wish to thank you for the profound evaluation of the film and the presentation of the historical background necessary to balance the historical distortions of the film.

Although I am no teacher and a father of rather grown up children (my age is 67) I was much impressed by the carefully written commentary and the questions for discussion; I will have to read some of them again and try to imagine myself in a class and to find my answer.

You are doing a very important work. I will be a regular user of your home page ….

Through your website I also discovered the Josephson Institute of Ethics website. The Institute offers very valuable guidelines for making ethical decisions, understandably written yet avoiding any orthodox opinion.”

Alfred Wehner, Germany (e-mail)

“… especially after September 11th it is very important to find movies that promote harmony and understanding between the world’s religions. … I think this site is amazing and I really like what you are trying to do.”

Krishnan Unnikrishnan – (e-mail)