Fahrenheit 451

(Science Fiction; SEL: Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Rebellion; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect) [12+]


(U.S./1945 – 1991; World/Cold War; SEL: Leadership; Ethical Emphasis — Responsibility, Caring) [14+]

Fat Man and Little Boy

The Best of TWM

(U.S./1941 – 1945 & New Mexico; Science-Technology; SEL: Teamwork; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [13+]

Fiddler on the Roof

(Drama/Musicals; Religions/Judaism; U.S./Diversity; World/Russia; Dance/Performance; SEL: Parenting; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring) [7+]

Field of Dreams

(Sports/Baseball; U.S./1945 – 1991 & Iowa; SEL: Grieving; Father/Son; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness) [10+]

Finding Nemo

(Marine Biology (Science/Technology); SEL: Father/Son; Friendship; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Respect) [9-12]

Finding Nemo

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Science (Marine Biology); SEL: Father/Son; Friendship; Moral-Ethical Emphasis

Flags of Our Fathers

The Best of TWM

(U.S./1940-1945; World/WWII; SEL: Courage in War Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Citizenship) [15+]

Fly Away Home

The Best of TWM

(Health (Grieving); ELA: theme, characterization, backstory, allusion, complication; Science(Biology); the Environment; World/Canada; SEL: Grieving; Parenting; Father/Daughter; Caring for Animals; Teamwork; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring) [10+]

Fly Away Home

Hero’s Journey Lesson Plan

(Literature/Hero’s Journey) [12+]

A Force More Powerful

Short Subject

(World/India, Poland, Denmark, Chile, South Africa; 1800s – the Present; U.S./1945 – the Present; Civil Rights Movement, Tennessee; SEL: Peace/Peacemakers; Moral-Ethical: — Citizenship) [12+; Six sections, each between 20 and 30 minutes in length]

A Force More Powerful

Snippet Lesson Plan

Non-violence and the Indian Independence Movement

(World/India, U.S./1945 – 1991 & Diversity) [12+; snippet: 25 minutes; lesson: two class periods]

A Force More Powerful

Snippet Lesson Plan

Civil Rights Movement – The Nashville Sit-ins

(U.S./1945 – 1991 & Diversity) [12+; snippet: 25 minutes; lesson: one class period]

Forks Over Knives

(Health; Medicine; SEL: Taking Care of Yourself; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [12+]

For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story

The Best of TWM

(Music/Jazz; World/Cuba and the Cold War Era; Biography; SEL: Human Rights; Courage; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Citizenship) [12+]

Fort Apache

The Best of TWM

(U.S./The Frontier and the West & Arizona; SEL: Courage in War; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect) [8+] (Some Spanish spoken by the Native Americans)

For Whom the Bell Tolls

(Literature/U.S.; World/Between World Wars & Spain; SEL: Courage in War; Romantic Relationships; Rebellion; Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Citizenship) [12+]

Four Films About Anne Frank

(World/WW II & Holland; Biography; SEL: Coming of Age; Families in Crisis; Human Rights; Courage; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Responsibility; Citizenship) [12+]

Fraggle Rock Season One – Disc 1

Talking and Playing for Growth

Many SEL and Ethics topics covered. [3 – 8]

Free State of Jones

Rethinking the Southern Home Front in the Civil War (U.S. 1860 – 1991, The African/American Experience and the Civil Rights Movement, and Mississippi; SEL: Rebellion; Ethical Emphasis: Citizenship) [14+]

Fruitvale Station

(U.S./1991 to present, Diversity & California; SEL: Human Rights; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect) [14+]

The suggested age range appears in brackets at the end of each entry. Topics relating to Social and Emotional Learning

appear after the term “SEL”. “Moral-Ethical Emphasis” is a reference to Character Counts’ Six Pillars of Character.


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