Social-Emotional Learning Index


Create Lesson Plans About Mother/Daughter Using Movies

Degas and the Dancer

(Talent, Ambition, Mother/Daughter, Sisters; Ethical Emphasis — Respect; Responsibility; Caring; Subjects — Visual Arts; World/France; Dance) [8 – 13]

The Glass Menagerie

(Families in Crisis; Mother/Son; Mother/Daughter; Disabilities; Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Subjects: Drama/U.S.; U.S./Missouri)[12+]

Gracie’s Choice

(Alcohol & Drug; Abuse; Families In Crisis; Mother/Daughter; Parenting; Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Caring; Subjects: Health; U.S./1991 – present) [10+]

Ice Princess

(Breaking Out; Parenting; Mother/daughter; Sportsmanship; Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Respect; Fairness; Caring; Subjects: Sports/Ice Skating) [9+]

The Joy Luck Club

(Mother/Daughter/ Surviving; Ethical Emphasis: Caring; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991, Diversity & California; World/China) [14+]

Marie Curie: More Than Meets the Eye

(Female Role Model; Mother/Daughter; Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Subjects: Biography; World/France & WWI; Medicine; Science-Technology) [8 – 12]

The Turning Point

(Marriage; Mother/Daughter; Friendship; Male Role Model; Talent; Work/Career; Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Subjects: Dance; U.S./1945 – 1991) [14+]