Social-Emotional Learning Index


Create Lesson Plans About Fighting Movies

Good Will Hunting

(Child Abuse; Marriage; Romantic Relationships; Fighting; Friendship; Male Role Model; Talent; Breaking Out; Ethical Emphasis: Caring; Subjects: Medicine (Psychiatry); U.S./1991 – present & Massachusetts) [14+]


(Revenge, Fighting, Grieving; Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring; Subjects: Drama/England) [12+]


(Male Role Model; Fighting; Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Respect; Subjects: U.S./1913 – 1929, Diversity & West Virginia; Religions/Christianity) [12+]

The Outsiders

(Brothers; Coming of Age; Courage; Fighting; Friendship; Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring; Subjects: Literature/U.S.; U.S./1945 – 1991) [11+]

Romeo and Juliet

(Fighting; Romantic Relationships; Suicide; Revenge; Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring; Subjects: Drama/England) [12+]

War of the Buttons

Using Characterization in Literary Analysis (Fighting; Friendship; Leadership; Parenting; Subjects: ELA: characterization; World/Ireland; Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Caring) [10+]

West Side Story

(Fighting; Revenge; Romantic Relationships; Bad Associations; Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring; Citizenship; Subjects: Drama/Musicals; U.S./1945 – 1991, Diversity & New York; Dance/Performance [12+]