Social-Emotional Learning Index


Create Lesson Plans About Father/Daughter Using Movies

Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided

(Families in Crisis; Marriage; Grieving; Leadership; Father/Daughter; Mother/Son; Romantic Relationships; Ethical Emphasis: Respect, Responsibility, Fairness; Subjects: U.S./1812 – 1865; Biography) [10+]

Bizet’s Dream

(Father/Daughter; Talent; Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Subjects: World/France; Music/Opera; Biography/Bizet) [9 – 12]


(Grieving; Father/Daughter; Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Caring; Subjects: Religions/Judeo-Christian; Science Fiction; Space Exploration; Mathematics) [12+]

Fly Away Home

(Parenting; Father/Daughter; Teamwork; Caring for Animals; Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring; Subjects: Science; the Environment; Canada) [10+]

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

(Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Education; Families in Crisis; Father/Daughter; Grieving; Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring; Subjects: U.S./1913 – 1929, Diversity & New York) [9+]

Trouble With The Curve

(Sports/Baseball; SEL: Parenting; Father/Daughter; Ethical Emphasis: Caring) [13+]

When a Man Loves a Woman

(Alcohol & Drug Abuse; Romantic Relationships; Marriage; Parenting; Father/daughter; Ethical Emphasis: Caring; Subjects: U.S./1991 – present) [13+]