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12 Years a Slave

(U.S./1812 – 1865; Literature/U.S. (Slave Narrative); Biography; SEL: Human Rights; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect) [15+]

The Color Purple

(Literature/U.S. & Literary Devices: motif, theme, symbol, characterization; U.S./1865 – 1913, 1913 – 1929; & Diversity/African-American; SEL: Breaking Out; Self-esteem; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect) [15+]

Eye in the Sky

(U.S. 1991 – Current; War on Terror (Drone Warfare); SEL: Courage in War; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness) [14+]

The Grapes of Wrath

The Best of TWM

(U.S./1929 – 1941; Oklahoma & California; Literature/U.S.; SEL: Families in Crisis; Female Role Model; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Fairness) [12+]

Pick of the Litter

(U.S. History and Culture, 1991 to Present; SEL: Caring for Animals, Disabilities; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Caring, Citizenship) [11+]

The Relic

Snippet Lesson Plan

Viruses and the Speed of Evolution Using The Relic [14+; snippet: 3 minutes; lesson: 30 minutes.]

Robot and Frank

Snippet Lesson Plan

Robot Ethics — using film clips from Robot and Frank [12+ — Middle School/Jr. High and High School Levels; Snippets15 minutes]

The Sandlot

(Sports/Baseball; ELA Discussion and Writing Exercises for middle and junior high school; SEL: Friendship; Leadership; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Caring) [10 – 14]

Spare Parts

(Science-Technology; U.S. 1991 – Current, Hispanic & Arizona; SEL: Education; Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [13+]