and uses the Six Pillars of Character to organize ethical principles.


Do what you are supposed to do; Persevere: keep on trying!; Always do your best; Use self-control; Be self-disciplined; Think before you act — consider the consequences; Be accountable for your choices

127 Hours

(English Language Arts; SEL: Surviving; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [14+]


(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Rebellion; Subjects: U.S./1750 – 1812 & Pennsylvania; Drama/Musicals) [11+]

Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided

(Respect, Responsibility, Fairness; SEL: Families in Crisis; Marriage; Grieving; Leadership; Father/Daughter; Mother/Son; Romantic Relationships; Subjects: U.S./1812 – 1865; Biography) [10+]

The Adventures of Huck Finn

(SEL: Breaking Out; Friendship; Running Away; Subjects: U.S./1812 – 1860, Diversity & Missouri; Literature/U.S.) [6+]

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Trustworthiness; Respect; Caring; SEL: Friendship; Courage) [5 – 8]

The Adventures of Robin Hood

(SEL: Rebellion; Subjects: World/England & Middle Ages) [8 – 13]

All The King’s Men

(Responsibility; Fairness; SEL: Ambition; Subjects: U.S./1913 – 1941, Politics & Louisiana; Literature/U.S.) [13+]

All My Sons

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Crime; Marriage; Father/Son; Suicide; Subjects: U.S./1941 – 1991; Drama/U.S.) [13+]

All the President’s Men

(Trustworthiness; Responsiblity; Fairness; Citizenship; SEL: Courage; Teamwork; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991 & Politics) [12+]


(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Humility; Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Talent; Subjects: Biography/Mozart; Music/Classical) [12+]

An American Tail

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Fairness; SEL: Courage; Subjects: U.S./1865 – 1913; Diversity & New York) [6 – 10]

Anne B. Real

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Breaking Out; Coming of Age; Alcohol & Drug Abuse; Courage; Crime; Education; Families in Crisis; Surviving; Talent; Subjects: U.S./1991 – present and New York) [12+]

Four Films About Anne Frank

(Respect; Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Coming of Age; Families in Crisis; Human Rights; Courage; Subjects: World/WWII & Holland; Biography) [12+]

“Antz” and “A Bug’s Life”

(Respect, Responsibility; SEL: Friendship; Subjects: Science-Technology) [9-12]

Apollo 13

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Teamwork; Male Role Model; Subject: U.S./1945 – 1991; Aviation & Space Exploration) [8+]

Around the World in 80 Days

(Responsibility, Respect, Fairness; SEL: Gambling Addiction; Subjects: Science-Technology; World/England) [8 – 13]

Au Revoir Les Enfants

(Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring; SEL: Coming of Age, Human Rights, Friendship; Subjects: World/France & WWII (Holocaust)) [11+]


Talking and Playing for Growth

(Responsibility; Respect; Caring; SEL: Friendship; Caring for Animals; Courage;) [5 – 8]


(Health; SEL: Parenting; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [12+]

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Friendship; Grieving; Disability; Talent; Subjects: Music/Classical; World/Austria; Biography/Beethoven) [9 – 12]

Behind the Sun

(Caring; Responsibility; SEL: Revenge; Breaking Out; Brothers; Romantic Relationships; Subjects: World/Brazil & Albania) [12+; Literary devices analyzed: symbols, subplot, flashback, foreshadowing and irony]

Billy Elliot

(Caring, Responsibility, Respect; Trustworthiness; SEL Breaking Out, Families in Crisis, Father/Son, Courage, Grieving, Friendship, Parenting, Grandparents; GLBTQ, Education; Subjects: Dance; World/England) [12+]

Bizet’s Dream

(SEL: Father/Daughter; Talent; Subjects: Biography; Music/Opera; World/France) [9 – 12]


(Responsibility; SEL: Caring for Animals; Subjects: the Environment) [13+]

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

(Respect; Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Human Rights; Friendship; Subjects: World/WWII & Germany; ELA) [13+; Literary Devices Analyzed: irony]

A Bugs Life

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Respect; Responsibility; SEL: Courage; Teamwork; Subjects: Science (Biology)) [5 – 8]

Captains Courageous

(Respect; Responsibility; SEL: Friendship, Parenting; Male Role Model; Subjects: U.S./1929 – 1941 & Massachusets; Seafaring) [8 – 12]


(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL Romantic Relationships; Subjects: Music/Opera; World/France) [12+] (In French with English Subtitles)


Talking and Playing for Growth

(Responsibility; Caring; Citizenship; SEL: Sportsmanship; Teamwork; Friendship) [5 – 8]


(Responsibility; Caring; Citizenship;; SEL Romantic Relationships; Redemption; Subjects: U.S./1941-1945; World/WWII; France & Morocco; ELA: Extended Metaphor; Allegory; Hero’s Journey) [12+]

Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist

(SEL: Talent; Romantic Relationships; Subjects: Visual Arts; World/France; U.S./1865 – 1913; Biography) [8+]

Chariots of Fire

(SEL: Sportsmanship; Subjects: World/England; Sports/Olympics; Religions/Judaism and Christianity) [10+]


(Caring; Responsibility; SEL: Disabilities; Courage; Subjects: Science Fiction) [10+]


(Respect; Responsibility; SEL: Romantic Relationships; Subjects: Biography/Napoleon Bonaparte; World/France, Poland & The 1800s) [12+]

Corner In Wheat

U.S. History 1865 – 1913; ELA (ironic metaphor); Cinema; SEL: Work/Career; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring. [NR]


(Health; Medicine; Science-Technology; U.S. 1991 – present; World/Asia; SEL: Courage; Surviving; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Citizenship) [13+]

Countdown to Year Zero

Academic Version

(The Environment; U.S. History & Culture 1991 to present; SEL: Caring for Animals; Taking Care of Yourself; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Responsibility) [15+; 52 minutes]

Cross Creek

(SEL: Female Role Model; Parenting; Friendship; Suicide; Running Away; Subjects: U.S./1865 – 1913 and Florida; Literature/U.S.) [the events that inspired The Yearling]

The Crossing

(Trustworthiness, Responsibility & Citizenship; SEL: SEL: Courage in War, Leadership; Subjects: U.S./1750 – 1812, New Jersey & Pennsylvania) [13+]

Damn Yankees

(Subjects: Drama/Musicals; Sports/Baseball; Dance/Performance; U.S./1945 – 1991) [10+]


(SEL: Talent; Subjects: Biography/Taylor; Dance) [12+]

Degas and the Dancer

(Respect; Responsibility; Caring; SEL — Talent, Ambition, Mother/Daughter, Sisters; Subjects — Visual Arts; World/France; Dance) [8 – 13]

Desert Bloom

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Child Abuse, Running Away, Coming of Age; Families in Crisis; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991 & Nevada) [13+]

The Diary of Anne Frank

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Families in Crisis; Human Rights; Male Role Model; Female Role Model; Subjects: World/WWII & Holland) [10+]

A Dry White Season

(Trustworthiness, Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Courage; Justice; Human Rights; Grieving; Father/Son; Marriage; Families in Crisis; Subjects: World/South Africa) [14+]

Edge of America

(Responsibility; Respect; Caring; SEL: Breaking Out; Leadership; Teamwork; Subjects: Sports/Basketball; U.S./1945-1991; Diversity/Native American & African American and New Mexico) [12+]

Empowering Students to Meet the Challenges of Our Time

(U.S. History and Culture, 1945 – 1991 to Current; SEL: Leadership: Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [14+]


(Responsibility, Caring; SEL Leadership; Subjects U.S./1945 – 1991; World/Cold War) [14+]

Fat Man and Little Boy

(SEL: Teamwork; Subjects: U.S./1941-1945 & New Mexico; Science-Technology) [13+]

Finding Nemo

(Responsibility; Respect; SEL: Father/Son; Friendship; Subjects: Marine Biology (Science/Technology)) [9-12]

Finding Nemo

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Responsibility, Respect, Caring; SEL: Father/Son; Friendship; Subjects: Science (Marine Biology)) [4 – 8]

Fly Away Home

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Grieving; Parenting; Father/Daughter; Caring for Animals; Teamwork; Subjects: Health (Grieving); ELA: theme, characterization, back story, allusion, complication; Science(Biology); the Environment; World/Canada) [10+]

Fort Apache

(SEL: Courage in War; Subjects: U.S./The Frontier and the West & Arizona) [8+] (Some Spanish spoken by the Native Americans)

Forks Over Knives

(Health; Medicine; SEL: Taking Care of Yourself; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [12+]


(Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; Citizenship; SEL: Rebellion; Peace/Peacemakers; Subjects:Biography; World/India, South Africa, England & 1800s – Cold War Era; U.S./Diversity; Religions;) [10+]


(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Romantic Relationships; Subjects: Drama/Musicals; World/France) [12+]

The Glass Menagerie

(SEL: Families in Crisis; Mother/Son; Mother/Daughter; Disabilities; Subjects: Drama/U.S.; U.S./Missouri) [12+]

The Great Gatsby

(SEL: Romantic Relationships; Subjects: U.S. 1913 – 1929 & New York; Literature; Literary Devices: symbol, imagery, motif, flashback, characterization;) [13+]

Happy Feet

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Responsibility; Respect; CaringSEL: Friendship; Courage; Self-Esteem; Disabilities) [5 – 8]


(U.S. History 1812- 1865; African-American; Maryland; SEL: Human Rights; Female Role Model; Breaking Out; Courage; Disabilities; Moral/Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [13+]


(Respect; Caring; Subjects: U.S./1812 – 1860 & Hawaii; Religions/Christianity) [12+]

High Noon 

American History and Civics Classes

(U.S./The Frontier & the West, 1865 – 1913 and 1945 – 1991 (the Red Scare); Cinema; SEL: Marriage; Leadership; Courage; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Citizenship) [11+]

High Noon

ELA Classes

(Literature/Myths of the Western genre; Literary devices: symbol; motif; foil; and expository phase; SEL: Marriage; Leadership; Courage; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Citizenship) [11+]

High Noon

Snippet Lesson Plan

Expository Phase ELA: Expository Phase [12+; snippet: 15 minutes, 20 seconds; lesson: one to two class periods]

Hiroshima Maiden

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Courage; Friendship; Human Rights; Peer Pressure; Subjects: U.S./1941 – 1991; World/WW-II and Japan) [9 – 13]

Hoop Dreams

(Responsibility Fairness; SEL: Sportsmanship; Breaking Out; Talent; Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Subjects: Sports/Basketball; U.S. 1991 – Present & Illinois) [10+]

Horton Hears a Who!

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Responsibility; Respect; Caring; SEL: Friendship; Courage) [4 – 8]


(Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring; SEL: Teamwork; Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Male Role Model; Father/Son; Subjects: Sports/Basketball; U.S. 1945 – 1991 & Indiana) [11+]

Hotel Rwanda

(Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Human Rights; Courage; Subjects: World/Rwanda & the Post-Cold War Era; U.S./1991 – present) [14+]

Ice Age: The Meltdown

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Responsibility (Taking Care of the Environment); SEL: Friendship; Courage; Subjects: The Environment) [6 – 8]

An Ideal Husband

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Families in Crisis; Marriage, Friendship, Romantic Relationships, Justice, Redemption; Subjects: Drama/England; World/England) [12+]

The Insider

(Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Citizenship; SEL: Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Families in Crisis, Marriage, Crime, Courage; Subjects: U.S./1991 – present, the Press and the Law) [13+]

Into the Wild

(Literature: NonFiction; Literary Devices: theme; allusion; U.S.: 1945 – 1991; SEL: Taking Care of Yourself; Families in; Crisis Friendship; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [14+]

It’s a Wonderful Life

(Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Male Role Model; Suicide; Breaking Out; Subjects: U.S./1913 – 1945) [10+]

James’ Journey to Jerusalem

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Respect; Fairness; SEL: Friendship; Father/Son; Subjects: World/Israel; Religions) [12+]

Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar Acceptance Speech – February 9, 2020

ELA; Civics; Social Emotional Learning: Human Rights, Justice, Redemption; Animal Rights

Judgment at Nuremberg

(Respect, Responsibility; Fairness; SEL: Justice; Human Rights, Male Role Model; Subjects: U.S./1941 – 1945 & The Law; World/WWII) [10+]

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Coming of Age; Talent; Friendship; Courage) [5 – 8]

Knute Rockne, All American

(SEL: Leadership, Sportsmanship, Talent; Subjects: Sports/Football; U.S./1913 – 1929) [8+]

The Last Repair Shop

(U.S. 1991 to Current; Music; World: Armenia; SEL: Work/Career; GBLTQ; Human Rights; Taking Care of Yourself; Male Role Model; Female Role Model; Moral/Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring.

The Lion King

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Grieving; Redemption; Friendship; Ambition, Running Away; Subjects: The Environment; Science/Technology) [8 – 11]

Little Women

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Female Role Model; Families in Crisis; Parenting; Sisters; Coming of Age; Talent; Subjects: U.S./1860 – 1865 & Massachusetts; Literature/U.S.) [6+]

Lord of the Flies

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Peer Pressure; Surviving; Subjects: ELA; U.S./1945 -1991) [13+; Literary devices analyzed: symbol, character development, theme, irony.]

Lorenzo’s Oil

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Illness, Disabilities; Marriage; Families in Crisis; Parenting; Sisters; Subjects: Medicine) [13+]

Madame Curie

(SEL Female Role Model; Grieving; Subjects: Biography; Science-Technology; World/France) [10+]

Mao’s Last Dancer

(Literature: NonFiction; Literary Devices: allegory/parable; Biography; World/China; U.S.: 1945 – Present; Dance; SEL: Breaking Out; Human Rights; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [12+]

Marie Curie: More Than Meets the Eye

SEL: Female Role Model; Mother/Daughter; Subjects: Biography; World/France & WWI; Medicine; Science-Technology) [8 – 12]

Mass Casualties: Lesson Plan

(Focusing on the Decision to End WWII with Surprise Atomic Attacks on Japanese Cities) (Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Human Rights; Subjects: U.S./ 1941 – 1945; World/WWII and Japan) [12+]

Memphis Belle

(SEL: Leadership; Courage in War; Subjects: Aviation; U.S./1941 – 1945) [12+]

The Miracle Worker

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Disabilities; Female Role Model; Subjects: Biography/Keller; U.S./1865 – 1913) [10+]

Moby Dick

(SEL: Revenge, Humility; Subjects: Literature/U.S.; Seafaring; U.S./1812 – 1860 & Massachusetts) [10+]

Moulin Rouge

(SEL: Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Disabilities; Talent; Subjects: Biography/Lautrec; Visual Arts; World/France) [13+]

Mr. Holland’s Opus

(Responsibility; Citizenship; Caring; Respect; SEL: Education; Male Role Model; Parenting; Father/Son; Mother/Son; Marriage; Disabilities; Subjects: Music/Classical; U.S. 1945 – 1991) [10+]


(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Breaking Out; Female Role Model; Subjects: World/China; Mythology) [6-9]

Music of the Heart

(Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Education; Talent; Disabilities; Romantic Relationships; Divorce; Separation; Subjects: Music/Classical; U.S./1991 – Present & New York; Biography (Guaspari)) [9+]

Native Son

(Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; SEL: Justice; Friendship; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991, Diversity & Illinois; Literature/U.S.) [15+]


The Best of TWM

(World-Russia, Post-Cold War Era; SEL: Courage, Ambition, Human Rights, Leadership, Male Role Model (Navalny);
Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility, Citizenship) [15+]

October Sky

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Parenting; Father/Son; Mother/Son; Breaking Out; Friendship; Subjects: Aviation & Space Exploration; U.S./1945 – 1991 & West Virginia; Science-Technology) [10+]

The Odyssey

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Humility; Surviving; Marriage; Subjects: World/Ancient Greece; Mythology; Literature & Literary Devices; Seafaring [14+ for the movie; 11+ for the book. Literary devices analyzed: simile, metaphor, flashback; symbol]


Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; SEL: Romantic Relationships; Subjects: U.S./1865-1913 & Oklahoma; Drama/Musicals; Dance/Performance) [12+]

The Old Curiosity Shop

(SEL: Gambling Addiction; Parenting; Subjects: Literature/England) [11+]

Old Yeller

(SEL: Courage; Grieving (for a beloved animal); Subjects: U.S./1865 – 1913) [7-12]

On The Waterfront

(SEL: Redemption; Breaking Out; Brothers; Romantic Relationships; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991 & New York; Cinema) [12+]

The Outsiders

(Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring; SEL: Brothers; Coming of Age; Courage; Fighting; Friendship; Peer Pressure; Redemption; Subjects: Literature/U.S.; U.S./1945 – 1991) [11+; Literary devices analyzed: expository phase; flashback; symbol; foreshadowing; Bildungsroman; irony; protagonist/antagonist confusion and theme]

Pay It Forward

(Responsibility; Caring; Citizenship; SEL: Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Mother/Son; Families in Crisis; Education; Disabilities; Subjects: U.S./1991 – Present) [12+]


(SEL: Romantic Relationships; Subjects: Literature/England; World/England) [12+]

The Pirates of Penzance

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Romantic Relationships; Subjects: Drama/Musicals; World/England) [8+]


(Literature/World; World/Japan; SEL: Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring) [5+]


Talking and Playing

SEL: Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring) [4-8]

Pride of the Yankees

(SEL: Male Role Model; Subjects: Biography/Gehrig; Sports/Baseball) [8+]

The Red Badge of Courage

(SEL: Courage in War; Coming of Age; Redemption; Subjects: U.S./1860 – 1865; Literature/U.S.) [10+]

Remember the Titans

(Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Citizenship; SEL: Breaking Out; Friendship; Teamwork; Leadership; Male Role Model; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991, Diversity & Virginia; Sports/Football) [11+]

The Right Stuff

(SEL: Friendship; Teamwork, Courage; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991; Aviation & Space Exploration) [12+]

The Rookie

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Talent; Subjects: Sports/Baseball; U.S./1991 – present) [9+]

Roots Vol. I

(Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; SEL: Coming of Age; Subjects: U.S./1629 – 1750 & Diversity; World/Africa) [12+]

Rossini’s Ghost

(SEL: Talent; Friendship; Subjects: Biography/Rossini; Music/Opera; World/Italy) [6 – 12]

The Scarlet Letter

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Redemption; Romantic Relationships; Revenge; Subjects: U.S./1629 – 1750 & Massachusetts; Religions/Christianity; Literature/U.S.) [12+]

The Searchers

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Revenge; Subjects: U.S./1865 – 1913; ELA) [13+; Literary devices analyzed: expository phase, character development, theme]

Searching for Bobby Fischer

(SEL: Talent Father/Son; Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Subjects: Sports/Chess; World/Canada) [10+]

Secrets of the Whales

(Science-Technology; The Environment; SEL: Caring for Animals; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility)

Sense and Sensibility

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Romantic Relationships; Sisters; Subjects: Literature/England; World/England) [12+]

Seven Days in May

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility: SEL: Rebellion Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991) [12+]

Shakespeare Behind Bars

(Responsibility; SEL: Redemption; Subjects: Drama and U.S./The Law) [14+]

Shall We Dance?

(SEL: Breaking Out; Marriage; Subjects: Dance; World/Japan) [12+]

Small Wonders

(Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Education; Female Role Model; Subjects: Music/Classical; U.S./1991 – Present & New York; Biography (Guaspari); ) [6+]

Sometimes in April

(Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Human Rights; Courage; Subjects: World/Rwanda & the Post-Cold War Era; U.S./1991) [14+]


(SEL: Ambition; Subjects: Biography; World/Russia) [12+]

Stand and Deliver

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Citizenship; SEL: Education, Male Role Model; Self-esteem; Subjects: U.S./1941 – 1996, Diversity & California) [12+; Literary devices analyzed: character, symbols, subplot, foils, and irony]

Super Size Me

A Lesson Plan for Health Classes

(Responsibility; SEL: Taking Care of Yourself; Subjects: U.S./1991 – present; Medicine) [11+]

Thirteen Days

(Responsibility; SEL: Leadership; Peace/Peacemakers; Brothers; Subjects: U.S./1945 – 1991; World/Russia & The Cold War) [12+]

Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould

(SEL: Talent; Subjects: Biography; Music/Classical; World/Canada) [14+] (Small portions in French with English subtitles.)

To Kill A Mockingbird

(Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; Citizenship; SEL: Justice; Male Role Model; Courage; Mental Illness; Parenting; Disabilities; Subjects: U.S./1929 – 1941, the Law & Diversity; Literature/U.S. & Literary Devices) [11+; Literary devices analyzed: symbol; flashback; irony; humor]

Toy Story

Talking and Playing for Growth

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Respect; Caring; SEL: Friendship; Teamwork) [5 – 8]

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Education; Families in Crisis; Father/Daughter; Grieving; Subjects: U.S./1913 – 1929, Diversity & New York) [9+]


(SEL: Leadership; Subjects: Biography; U.S./1941 – 1991) [12+]

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

(Responsibility; Fairness; SEL: Ambition; Courage; Subjects: U.S./1945-1991; Science-Technology) [10+]

The Turning Point

(SEL: Marriage; Mother/Daughter; Friendship; Male Role Model; Talent; Work/Career; Subjects: Dance; U.S./1945 – 1991) [14+]

The Tuskegee Airmen

(Respect; Responsibility; SEL: Courage; Courage in War; Friendship; Self-esteem; Grieving; Suicide; Surviving; Subjects: Aviation; U.S./1941 – 1945, Diversity & Alabama) [10+]

Twelve O’Clock High

(SEL: Leadership; Courage in War; Subjects: Aviation; U.S./1941-1945) [10+]


Talking and Playing for Growth

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: The Environment; Romantic Relationships; Taking Care of Yourself) [4 – 8]

Warm Springs

(Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Courage; Disabilities; Subject: U.S./1913 – 1929; Biography; Georgia) [12+]

Winslow Homer: An American Original

(Trustworthiness; Responsibility; SEL: Talent; Grieving; Mental Illness; Subjects: U.S./1861 – 1913; Visual Arts; Medicine-Psychiatry; Biography) [8 – 12]

The Yearling

(Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring; SEL: Male Role Model; Coming of Age; Running Away; Father/Son; Mother/Son; Subjects: U.S./1865 – 1913 & Florida; Literature/U.S.) [8 – 12]